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"Purveyor of music and all of its bliss..."

Kimball Collins is an artist filled with passions. He generates warm feelings and creates soulful connections through blissful musical excursions into sound. His influential force continues to pioneer the evolution of modern electronic dance music. 

Always pushing the edge in eras of House, Trance, Rave, Electro, Progressive, World, Florida Breaks, Groove to nu deep Techno-induced vibes, listeners are inspired, lifted and motivated. At the legendary AAHZ club he is known for innovative marathon sets that are still listened to today. Kimball produces thrilling throwback events featuring 80s/90s classics keeping the vibe alive. Global residencies, big room/underground gigs and recordings are still amassing loyal audiences on dance-floors, at festivals like Further Future/Robot Heart and streaming outlets.


Kimball’s current productions (along with studio-mate Rudiment) include work for Talavera Records, Magician on Duty, Making You Dance, Where the Heart Is and 1980 Recordings. 

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